Our Library

The Main Library holds the principal collections for teaching and research in the business, humanities, education, law, Information Technology, Computer Science, Finance & Accounting, Fashion & Design and the social sciences.

Borrowing/Requesting books

To borrow a book from our library, one must be student or staff of Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences, register as a library member which you’re created an account from our cataloguing system. After borrowing, borrowed books must be returned with 3 days from signed date. If all standard copies of the book you require are on loan you may request a copy through Search Books

Reference material

To access reference materials, one should have a valid Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences ID. These items are for use only in Library and are not loaned. These are marked ‘Reference only’.

How many books can I borrow?

Staff and students at Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences, and other users with borrowing entitlements, can borrow upto four (4) in a semester which has to be returned before semester closes.

Books on demand

We understand your frustration when you can’t get your hands on the books you need for your course.To give you more choice and flexibility as to how you like to read, we are buying both printed books and ebooks as part of the scheme. The eBooks on Demand scheme is available all year round; Print Books on Demand is a limited offer. Both projects help to ensure that the Library’s shelves – both physical and virtual – have even more of the books that you need.