Our Library

The Main Library holds the principal collections for teaching and research in the health, humanities, education, law and medical ethics, ICT, Pharmacy, Orthopedic Medicine, Anesthesia, Public Health Dentistry, ENT, Audiology, Leadership and Mgt, Physiotherapy, Health Promotion and Education, Medical records, Entomology & Parasitology, Radiography, Community & Clinical Nutrition, Dental Technology, Occupational Therapy, MLT among others


Borrowing/Requesting books

To borrow a book from our library, one must be student or staff of Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences, register as a library member with the Librarian. For a student he/she is entitled to borrow a book for one week and staffs two for a period of two weeks.

Reference material

To access reference materials, one should have a valid Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences ID. These items are for use only in Library and are not loaned. These are marked ‘Reference only’.

How many books can I borrow?

Staff and students at Uganda Institute of Allied & Health Management Sciences, and other users with borrowing entitlements, can borrow up to four (3) in a semester which has to be returned before semester closes and if a borrower fees  like he/she is still interested in the borrowed book, then he/she can make renewals.

Books on demand

There are textbooks in our library which are on high demand but are not borrowed out. However we have a provision for such textbooks in soft copies and they are uploaded on our e-library