New Semester Opens 26.01.2018

Dear Applicants, Our new semester will open on 26th, Januaury 2018 and expecting to close in June 2018. For applied and admitted, kindly pick your applications from Academic Registrar’s office. Welcome to UIAHMS family

32 thoughts on “New Semester Opens 26.01.2018”

  1. sorry , when new intake begins ?…….. am Tanzanian i hold diploma in clinical officer can i proceed applying advanced diploma in anesthesia ?

    1. The semester is beginning on 29th July 2019. Better hurry because those who were admitted are picking their admission letters. Thank you

  2. kindly update me about the fees structure for diploma in PUBLIC HEALTH DENTISTRY
    I am very interested in he course

    1. this is the fees structure for all courses without accommodation and meals
      gorvernment: 1,482,200/= per year
      Private:2,599,300/= per year

      Post Basic:2,410,000/=

      international students
      East Africans: $200 per year
      Others: $3000 per year
      Note: There are requirements specific to particular program

      for more details, kindly revisit the website

      thank you

      1. Hello I am Philip was Offered Admission to pursue Advanced Diploma in Anaesthesia I was supposed to have Started school in September 2017., But applied for a dead Year which was also granted to me I will be Starting this September 2018 , I would like to be updated on the Start date and New fees structure ! For this Financial Year 2018 /2019 for my proper planning and organising for School ! Thanks very Much

        1. The semester is beginning on August. Please write a letter addressed to the Academic Registrar requesting to be allowed to study. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your previous admission letter and a copy of your letter requesting for a dead year.

  3. Is a student who sat for UACE in 2014 eligible to apply by direct entry for a basic diploma seeing that 3yrs are past?

    1. thank you for messaging us

      yes please u can apply as long as three years past BUT the course matters, which course would you like to apply for

  4. Can i apply online, i have a certificate in medical laboratory and I want to upgrade in the same field

  5. is there an august intake? , how much it costs to apply? and when is the receiving for applications ending?? l wish to join this AY2018/19

    1. Applications are still on. Application fee is 50,000shs. Don’t wait for the deadline.Thank you

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