New Semester Begins

To All fresh and continuing student, a very warm welcome to the new semester. So feel proud to be a part of this great institution and talking of studies tutors are eager to give the most they can.

4 thoughts on “New Semester Begins”

    1. this is the fees structure for all courses without accommodation and meals
      gorvernment: 1,482,200/= per year
      Private:2,599,300/= per year

      Post Basic:2,410,000/=

      international students
      East Africans: $200 per year
      Others: $3000 per year
      Note: There are requirements specific to particular program
      thank you

  1. When z da next intake?I got 6ADD3 in BCM.can I qualify for government there?and how pliz?I’m stuck.

    1. for government you have to fill the JAB forms
      next intake is next year, we shall let you know the exact date for applying

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